GeoLas Consulting is an engineering firm and service provider specialized on Airborne Laser Mapping (LIDAR). With over 20 years of experience in the development of lidar systems, lidar survey operations, and data processing, we provide first hand expertise and the full range of services for this exciting technology, helping our customers to make the most of Airborne LIDAR in all its Dimensions.


What is Imaging Laser Altimetry/Airborne LIDAR mapping?
Imaging Laser Altimetry is a new technology to directly capture the three-dimensional structure of the Earth's topography, giving you digital 3D images of the landscape.
What we can do for you:
  • Technology consulting
  • Operations support
  • Quality control
  • System and data troubleshooting
  • Engineering and system integration support
  • LIDAR system development
  • Post-processing training

  • Laserscanner hardware upgrades and software products
Application Examples

for Imaging Laser Altimetry and digital 3D landscapes and how they may help in your work or improve your products and services

  • in topographic mapping
  • in urban planning and development
  • in infrastructure construction and maintenance
  • in natural disaster prevention and management
  • in architecture and landscape design
  • in multimedia productions
Image Gallery

Industry directory of companies and organisations providing systems and services, and links to other websites related to laser altimetry, airborne laser scanning, LIDAR and 3D terrain mapping

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