Technology Consulting and Training

GeoLas Consulting provides consulting services for LIDAR mapping technology to

  • help you understand the technology and how it may be put to work for you
  • give you an idea of the market situation for lidar and related services
  • assist in selecting and integrating airborne laser mapping systems with your equipment
  • give you information on the potential and limits of imaging laser altimetry and other technologies to acquire three-dimensional topographic data, and
  • discuss trends in upcoming systems, non-commercial developments, and new applications
  • analyze unusual system behaviour and develop systematic error compensation schemes
  • assist you in project planning and post-production to help you meet your quality goals

We provide training on

  • Data processing (with TerraSolid's TerraScan, TerraModeler, TerraMatch, TerraPhoto tools)
  • LIDAR technology
  • Mission planning
  • Quality control
  • Project workflow management

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